My Little Angel

Oh, my little angel
You are the flesh and blood
of my flesh and my blood.
It was God who breathed life into you
and, for me, that was His greatest gift of all.

And now as I watch you sleeping
I’m still lost in wonder
at the miracle of your birth,
and lost for words to describe
the blessings you have brought me.

Where once my life seemed sometimes empty and futile,
now you fill me up and give me reason to live.
In a world full of suspicion, dishonesty and distrust
You, my little angel, are an open book.
When I am weak you give me strength;
when I am drifting, you are my anchor.

Yesterday I found you weeping over a broken doll
and I wanted to cry as I held you in my arms.

And when the day comes that I find you
weeping over a broken heart
I know I’ll want to die,
but I’ll still be here to comfort you.

Oh, my little angel,
Whate’er befalls you in the years ahead
may the Lord above, who gave you to me,
hold you in the hollow of His hand.

Roma Downey’s Song

It’s true……….…. Malaikat Kecilku, kehadiranmu telah menambah kebahagiaan kami,

sungguh kehadiranmu kami nantikan dengan debaran hati yang begitu hebat, maka kami berikan nama kepadamu : Maria Fransisca Winnie Prayudhanti.

Sungguh kehadiranmu telah menunjukkan kasih Tuhan kepada kami, saat kudengar tangisan pertamamu aku yakin Tuhan telah menjawab doaku….How Great though Art.

Malaikat Kecilku, Gadis Kecilku Selamat Ulang Tahun………kiss and big hug from your: papa, mama and lovely brother.

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One Comment pada “My Little Angel”

  1. kris Says:

    Nderek Bingah yo Mas, met ultah anak manis dan terus membawa kebahagiaan, kedamaian dan kasih. Amin

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